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Introducing Summer in the City, a series exploring four of the world's most-loved cities, curated by the stylish and creative women who live there. Discover the secret spots of each city for summer and see how each of our muses style their favourite La Perla pieces with their own sartorial stamp.
Summer in the City Paris with Sabina Socol
The epitome of effortless Parisian chic, Sabina Socol is an expert in the art of blending contemporary elegance with an understated sexiness. Here the digital creator and fashion designer shares her insider guide to the hidden gems that set summer in her city apart, and styles her favourite La Perla pieces with her much-loved signature flair.

If you only had 24 hours in Paris, how would you spend it?

Paris has some really nice old school places where I love spending time. If I had only 24 hours in Paris I think I would just go have a lunch at Closerie des Lilas, a very old classic Parisian brasserie. It’s right near Jardin du Luxembourg so I would probably go read some pages of my favorite book on a bench there and then walk home through Ile Saint Louis to grab the best ice cream of Paris from Berthillon.

Highlight your favourite hot spots in Paris - coffee spots, best places for lounging in the sun?

Paris has quite a few parks so there quite a lot to chose from in terms of nice places to go lounging in the sun! One could go lay in the grass in Jardin des Tuileries after having the best hot chocolate of Paris, Chez Angelina, right nearby. In Paris 11e, I love Broken Biscuit, a very cute and warm coffee shop with great coffee and pastries.

Best places for music?

The cultural scene is amazing in Paris, as there are always concerts and great music to listen to. In June, We Love Green festival has an amazing line up. And the rest of the year, you can always go check out your favorite artist « du moment » at iconic concert spots such as L’Olympia or La Cigale, to name just a few.

Who does the best cocktails?

The best cocktails of Paris are at le Bar du Crillon, an iconic Parisian Palace. For a more laid back, less fancy ambiance, there is this jazzy and cosy cocktail bar in Paris 11e, Le Moonshiner. Don’t be fooled by it’s entrance, it’s a speakeasy ! And Ps : my favorite cocktail is Amaretto Sour.

Favourite museum?

There is a plethora of museums in Paris, but if you had to pick just one, I would go to Musée d’Orsay. You’re in for major art pieces of statement painters such as Monet, and it’s human sized, which means you won’t spend your day there (an important criteria for me).

What are your favourite La Perla Summer pieces?

My favourite La Perla pieces are the bodysuits because they are so delicate, and dainty and I adore pairing them with jeans to wear them more casually. I also love their nightgowns, they're the perfect statement piece to be worn for a romantic night out on a hot summer day.


Soundtrack Sabina's tour of Paris with the playlist, La Perla's Sounds of Paris.
Milan, coming soon
Summer in the City Milan with Gilulia Rossetti
With a joyfully eclectic, vibrant style and a flawless eye for detail, founder and jewellery designer Giulia Rossetti is the embodiment of expressive Italian elegance. Here the Milan resident shares her insider guide to the most unexpected and inspiring spots the city has to offer, and styles her favourite La Perla pieces for summer with her distinctive creative spirit.
From exceptional lace corsets to sculpting bodysuits and delicately embroidered silk separates, La Perla's exquisite tops are summer styling essentials, designed to be the ultimate underpinning or to be layered and styled with flair and individuality.

If you only had 24 hours in Milan, how would you spend it?

I would pass them losing myself walking around the city. Milan is wonderful, you can discover the most historical districts (like via Solferino, San Marco, Brera) and then at a certain point you will be amazed by the modernity of recent buildings (Piazza Gae Aulenti, Bosco Verticale, Isola). It is fascinating!

Highlight your favourite hot spots in Milan - coffee spots, best places for lounging in the sun?

I love going to LùBar, near PAC (Pavillion of contemporary art) and walking around the amazing garden. Another option could be to get lost in the Brera district, and then have a drink at the GSTF (God Save The Food) at Piazza del Carmine contemplating the beauty of the Carmine church. Last but not least, I love to go to the Triennale Museum park, walk though Sempione Park and head to Paolo Sarpi area, totally changing mood, to taste the amazing ravioli at the "Ravioleria Sarpi", hand made and freshly cooked!

Best places for music?

In the summer I love Balera dell'Ortica, an old style place for dancing among the gentlemen as if you were in an 80's village festival. But this is not my only plan, I always like to change. Since I'm not used to clubs, I prefer to join my friends who play music in different clubs. Unexpected evenings are always the most beautiful!

Best places to go out?

Walking in the evening in Paolo Sarpi will make you feel as if you are in another city, which is something I do like a lot. If you head at the end of Paolo Sarpi, you'll find yourself in the Moscova districs, the most Milanese area, full of clubs. The most impressive part of walking, is that you can discover so different situations, moods and people!
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Soundtrack Giulia's tour of Milan with the playlist, La Perla's Sounds of Milan.
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Your favourite songs that you love to listen to whilst walking around Milan?

Joan Thiele's music relaxes me, gives me good vibes me and always makes me dream so much, that's priceless.

Favourite museum?

Fondazione Prada, perfect also to have a coffee at Bar Luce! Everything is wonderful and detailed there and you will feel like you are on a movie set.

Who does the best cocktails?

I like to have a glass of wine at the Fioraio Bianchi Caffè, or a Negroni at Bar Basso.

What are your favourite La Perla Summer pieces?

My favourite piece is the green lace corset, it is the most feminine and I loved that I could play around with styling with it in different ways, I felt 100% myself and I love it!
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