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Introducing La Perla Reimagined, a conscious, creative endeavour that sees the La Perla Atelier’s designers and artisans re-interpret pieces from past collections and archives by upcycling La Perla’s most precious in-house luxury fabrics with imagination, elegance and savoir-faire.

La Perla Reimagined is an integral part of our future.

Honouring the beauty of our fabrics, these reinivigorated lines breathe new life into treasured materials that may have otherwise gone unused. La Perla reimagined utilizes long-loved existing style silhouettes that have already been through their signature fit and sampling process. By upcycling these materials and sillhouettes, La Perla reduces the use of transport fuel, energy, and water that would have been used to create new materials.

“The quality and luxury of La Perla is a part of its heritage sustainability story. La Perla creates iconic, expertly crafted, lingerie pieces women treasure and hold onto for a lifetime. When a beautiful piece is kept for life, it is not adding to the waste of the world but to the stories of our lifetime.”

Nicole Rendone, Chief Design Officer

Discover The Collections

La Perla Reimagined collections are limited-editions that showcase the brand's commitment to sustainability and innovation. Each piece, a unique and conscious creation, is designed to empower women while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing longevity.