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The Craft of Creating Beauty

Il mestiere di creare bellezza

We are dedicated to preserving the treasured artisan skills that are synonymous with La Perla. Upon founding the brand in 1954, Ada Masotti introduced an array of signature crafts which have since been passed down through generations. These time-honoured techniques celebrate the enduring brilliance of Ada’s hand.



Empowering you in every moment

To create perfectly fitting, transformative corsets, Ada Masotti infused her designs with a confidence and care that matched the powerful, liberated spirit of the women surrounding her in post-war Italy. Today, La Perla is still conjured for women, by women, designed to be chosen by you not solely for how it looks but for the way it inspires, uplifts and empowers as soon as you slip it on.



With care and comfort

Ada Masotti believed that women deserved better than to be restricted and restrained by the corsets that they wore, and that sentiment is woven into every contemporary piece that we design. For more than six decades, La Perla has been innovating and pioneering new fabrics and construction techniques to ensure that we give you all the technically-perfect structure and support that you need every day, combined with an ease and comfort that makes our bras a pleasure to wear.

To be lived in

Our lingerie and nightwear is still designed to be treasured - but not to be tucked away, reserved for special occasions. From exquisite separates to beautiful nightwear, our sensual, sophisticated pieces should be an everyday indulgence, the self-assuring armour that you slip on each morning to face the day and rely on to elevate the ordinary.


For everyday confidence

Ada Masotti cut her corsets to flatter the women that wore them, to perfectly enhance whatever they put on each day and make them look as incredible as they felt. We consider our lingerie to be the most crucial part of your wardrobe, the base-layer that you build on whether you reach for our contouring pieces to sculpt, smoothe and create a flawless silhouette, weave our silk separates or lace bodysuits into your ready-to-wear looks or offer daring flashes of the lace-trimmed intimates too beautiful to keep to yourself.



Finished with love

Our lingerie is still lovingly made in Bologna by a team of extraordinarily talented and experienced men and women, who use the traditional, artisanal skills and signature techniques that have been passed down through generations to give each piece the exquisite finish you deserve.


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